” Fantastic driver, excellent car. Fingers crossed, I get to book him again”

A Very Satisfied Customer

“Thanks again Tora for being so patient with us!”

A Very Satisfied Customer

“Omar was PHENOMENAL. Almost single-handedly rectified a horrendous car rides experience.The platform needs more drivers like him. Thanks!!”

A Very Satisfied Customer

“We were a short fare, but what a lovely car! Sets the standard — thank you !”

A Very Satisfied Customer

“One of the best Limo Company rides I’ve experienced in the world and I’ve taken Limos rides around the globe…”

A Very Satisfied Customer

“Very flexible driver, allowed me to sight see a bit”

A very Satisfied Customer

“Absolutely awesome experience! Lts’s staff and Chauffeur Omar took great care of my family. The Sprinter was comfortable and fit all the luggage we had. Omar is a professional and a very friendly person. I will definitely use Lts Limos again!”

Michael Sarwar
Management at PAG

“The chauffeur was awesome! He called me to make sure that he was going to the right place at a very busy airport with three levels of driveway. He was friendly and well-spoken, and I enjoyed the ride very much. I will be using Lts again in the future.”

Gerald Bernard Private Equity Manhattan,

I’ve been working with Lts Limos for the last 3 years. The level of professionalism, integrity and customer service is par excellence! Most importantly, no matter what… he is always on time! No complaints. No excuses. Just results. I can set my watch to his expected arrival.
The quality and ambience of his vehicles are sublime. Omar is a smart Captain and takes utmost care behind the wheel. And on top of all that, he is a genuinely nice guy! Instinctively knowing when to chit-chat, and when not to. In short, can’t see myself using anyone else. There is none better.

Kwesi Ames
Director at Salesforce inc

Since 2011 myself and all executive staff at Satcom Direct have been using Lts Limos for transportation to and from Dulles airport. Awesome service, professional, clean vehicles and always on time.
I am a customer for life! – Jim Jensen.

Jim Jensen
Chairman and CEO at Satcom direct